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Petershill FC Last Man Standing Competition Rules

1.     Entry costs £5 per person.

2.     Players must pick one team from each weekend’s English Premier League fixtures, which will be posted on the Petershill Facebook and Twitter pages each Monday. Midweek matches will not normally be used in the competition, with the exception of fixtures played around Christmas and New Year.

3.     If your team wins then you move on to the next week, if your team loses or draws, or you fail to enter in time, then you are knocked out.

4.     You can only pick a team once in each competition, e.g. if you pick Manchester City to win and you go through, then you cannot pick them again during the same competition. It is the player’s responsibility to try and not pick the same team again, as it may not always be possible to check all entries prior to kick off. Picking a team you have already used will result in disqualification from the competition.

5.     Players must ensure they have their nominated team entered in time for each week that they remain in the competition, either by text, email or via social media. Deadline will be 12 noon each Saturday. If there is a Friday night fixture then any player who wishes to use that match for their prediction must have their entry in before kick off.

6.     The last player remaining in the competition will win the prize money, which will be 50% of the total entry fees collected.

7.     If all remaining players are eliminated at the same time, then they will share the prize money.

Last Man Standing Competition

         New season, same format, please see the rules on the other sheet. Our second competition of the season starts on Saturday 30th September, if you want to take part please see Craig Patrick asap or text your entry to either Craig (07952317370) or Jim Watret (07905296148) and remember to include your name and your choice of team, we’ll collect your £5 entry fee as soon as we can. Prize money last season was between £100 and £160, and the first competition this season was £165.

Week 1 Fixtures

Saturday 30th September

Huddersfield v Tottenham    12:30        

Bournemouth v Leicester        15:00        

Man Utd v Crystal Palace        15:00        

Stoke v Southampton   15:00        

West Brom v Watford        15:00        

West Ham v Swansea     15:00        

Chelsea v   Man City     17:30        

Sunday 1st October

Arsenal v Brighton    12.00        

Everton v Burnley     14:15

Newcastle v Liverpool   16.30